for piano, electronics and video
Everyone believes that everyone else believes in it, while in reality no one believes in it.
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Paulo Álvares
"Blur - Paralysed" is a part of the piece "BLUR - 6 Miniatures on Blurriness," a theatrical music sculpture created by Jens Standke, Rosi Ulrich and Sergej Maingardt.
The second part of the evening, the musical performance "BLUR-Paralyzed," focused more specifically on a recent event that was interpreted by Paulo Álvares on the piano in the composition by Sergej Maingardt. The central event was a violent incident that occurred earlier this year, in which private security forces of United Airlines forcibly removed a passenger from an overbooked flight due to their own errors.

The tones that composer Sergej Maingardt finds for this violent incident are appropriately harsh, atonal, and themselves resemble a disturbing act of violence in musical form. The act of listening becomes an equally disturbing process to the recurring images of the incident itself, which were broadcasted on video screens. The evening not only raises questions about the supposed "reality" of events, but also about whether the absence of clear boundaries between truth and falsehood implies an absence of moral principles. (Robert Cherkowski in Choices 11/17)

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